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Generally clients come to see us for... Information, planning, or help navigating a crisis.

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  • Difference Between Living Trusts & Wills

    What's the difference? One little word… Probate! In general, administration of a living trust is less expensive, takes less time, and is more private than probate. Trust administration is much less costly. >> Read More

  • Incapacity & Conservatorship

    A conservator is an agent appointed by the court to oversee your finances or make personal decisions on your behalf. Conservatorship differs from Power of Attorney in that it requires...
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  • Probate vs Trust Administration

    There are key distinctions between a will, which requires a process called probate, and a trust. It is my job to help you determine the optimal solution and a review of some of the basics will help.
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What Clients Have to Say

“There were so many different ways to accomplish my objectives, and Diane was able to translate that into the legal language that would stand up in court.”

– Linda Stabler, Los Gatos

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