Reviews & Testimonials

Client Reviews & Testimonials


“Diane and Linda are such great people and very efficient.  When I was first introduced to the Law Firm several years ago, I felt very good entering the office.  People there are very cordial and helpful.  When my aunt passed away, which was very hard for me, after taking care of her and her husband for many years.  I had to call Diane’s Office and let her know of my aunt’s passing.  Diane and Linda were more than caring.  I was treated like family, and I will never forget them.  Diane has become more than my legal advisor, I consider her my friend.  I would recommend Diane Brown and her Paralegal, Linda, the best you could ever want.  If you have any legal problems, the D Brown Law Practice is where I would send anyone.” Nancy D – San Jose, CA

“I feel very comfortable sharing  my personal financial details with Diane and Linda. My trust was written promptly and efficiently, so I am peace with what will happen after my death.” CJA – Santa Cruz, CA

“There were so many different ways to accomplish my objectives, and Diane was able to translate that into the legal language that would stand up in court.” Linda Stabler – Los Gatos, CA

“After my mother passed away, I was so relieved to be in the good hands of Diane Brown and her legal assistant, Linda Hellett.  All of my questions were answered in a timely manner and in language that I was able to understand. They were both competent and caring, and the division of my mother’s estate went smoothly.  I recommend the services of the law offices of Diane Brown.” Adrienne M – Los Gatos, CA

“Through the past 17 years, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Diane Brown and her associate, Linda Hellett, on all of my trust and estate legal matters.  In addition, they have helped several of my friends with their legal needs. Diane and Linda have consistently demonstrated superior competence, professionalism, warmth and integrity in every encounter that I’ve had with them.  They have guided me through complex legal issues, including issues pertaining to the LGBT community, and they have exceeded my expectations in meeting all of my trust and estate needs. I now refer to Diane and Linda as my Guardian Angels of Legal Services.” I wholeheartedly recommend Diane and Linda to anyone who is looking for great legal experts who are also delightful professionals.”  John L. Andrews – San Carlos, CA

“I acknowledge Diane for her professionalism, quality of product and degree of service.”
Edward A. Atkinson – Carson, CA

“I think so highly of Diane that I have recommended three friends to her.” P. Emerson – Saratoga, CA