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Ask an Attorney – Inheritance & Pre-nup

Wow! The questions just keep coming! Seems that folks want to ask an attorney questions about things like inheritance, prenuptial agreements, (commonly referred to as a “pre-nup”) and how to balance having enough money for your your Autumn years while giving financial gifts to your family now. Topics like these and the questions that arise every day are […]


Ask an Attorney – When to do a Trust?

People want to “ask an attorney” all sorts of questions about their estate plan – it is a very natural response when they find out what I do. This is one of the reasons I love speaking to groups. It can be a group of business professionals, seniors, or a neighborhood association. I have spoken […]


Ask an Attorney – Paranoia, Living Trusts & More

When people call me, wanting to “ask an attorney,” it is often about aging parents,  paranoid elders, living trusts, and power of attorney.  Below you will find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions. They may be of help to you or a friend. This is something most of us face. It can […]


Ask an Attorney – Aging Parents, Bills and Finances

Folks often call with questions they want to ask an attorney about their aging parents. Some of the parents have a Living Trust, others do not. Questions about Power of Attorney and Conservatorship are frequent. This is something most of us face. It can be a difficult time and present us with challenges we never […]