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What is Elder Law – Definition

Elder law is a term used to reference legal matters of concern to an older demographic and their families. The elders of our community have specific needs. Some are to be expected and common among seniors, while other issues are unique to the individual. It helps to work with a legal specialist, trained and expertly […]


Seniors and Passwords – Help Your Aging Parent Stay Safe Online

This gets tricky. Are you familiar with the term Digital Native? These are people born at a time when the World Wide Web was already a part of our daily life. Typically, our parent’s grandchildren. Most folks reading this article are not digital natives. You likely surfed the digital wave as it formed and continue […]


How to Make a Strong Password Today

We discussed much of this in depth earlier in the year and encourage you to catch up on previous password-related posts. If you have the time, we encourage you to read, bookmark or share on social media the posts we’ve written about Scams, Fraud, and more. These are important topics – for us and the […]