What is Elder Law – Definition

Elder law is a term used to reference legal matters of concern to an older demographic and their families.

The elders of our community have specific needs. Some are to be expected and common among seniors, while other issues are unique to the individual. It helps to work with a legal specialist, trained and expertly practiced in addressing the variety of things that inevitably arise.

As an attorney who practices elder law in Los Gatos, CA, I see the complexities that seniors and their loved ones must navigate. From an emotional standpoint, it can feel overwhelming to the family. Often there are multifaceted legal issues and family dynamics that amplify an already challenging time. Being proactive is easier with a professional at your side. This is especially true when your loved one is unable to care for themselves or make legal decisions because of mental or physical disability.

My best advice is to reach out for support and guidance while things still feel manageable. You will thank yourself later. When you talk with an attorney who is expert in elder law and let them do the heavy lifting, it frees you up to really be there for your aging loved one.


What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Simply put, an elder law attorney focuses on the needs and practical issues affecting older adults. Expertise in this field is also used to help people (of all ages) who have a debilitating medical or psychological condition. The common thread is “need of care” – now or in the near future.

Elder Law – Los Gatos Legal Help for Elders Includes

  • Estate planning – draft new documents or change existing ones
  • Trust administration
  • Retirement plans
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Day-to-day healthcare
  • Disability planning
  • Powers of attorney for finance and medical
  • Planning for long-term care, disability, assisted living, and skilled nursing
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorship
  • Explain your rights as a resident – be it assisted living, long term care, or skilled nursing
  • Sort out the legal issues of complex families
  • Make sense of intricate financial situations within the family
  • Help in the event of elder abuse or fraud
  • Advocate for the elderly, their family and loved ones
  • Navigate highly complex issues relating to older adults
  • Provide guidance, assistance, and peace of mind

As a lawyer who specializes in elder law, I focus my attention on the express needs of the senior and their family. Practical expertise within the judicial system, advocating for Silicon Valley seniors makes me uniquely qualified to side-step many of the unintended affects that could otherwise harm your estate.


Have Questions About Elder Law?

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This blog contains general information and is not meant to apply to a specific situation. Please seek advice of counsel before proceeding as each case is unique.


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