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What is Elder Law – Definition

Elder law is a term used to reference legal matters of concern to an older demographic and their families. The elders of our community have specific needs. Some are to be expected and common among seniors, while other issues are unique to the individual. It helps to work with a legal specialist, trained and expertly […]


How to Make a Strong Password Today

We discussed much of this in depth earlier in the year and encourage you to catch up on previous password-related posts. If you have the time, we encourage you to read, bookmark or share on social media the posts we’ve written about Scams, Fraud, and more. These are important topics – for us and the […]


Passwords – Security Tips from Experts

In the previous post, we covered the basics of a “SLICK password” and “passphrases” as an alternative to the usual suspects. If you missed that post, take a minute and review it now. CLICK HERE For those who are SUPER security conscious and want to create the ultimate in protection, we’re really going to bump […]


Identity Theft – Why Passwords Matter – Part 3

This has been a heavy-hitting series. You may want to go back and see what we covered in Part 1 and Part 2 of Identity Theft and Why Passwords Matter. We covered passwords, the ways in which your online accounts are vulnerable, social engineering and related methods of attack, and so much more. Here, in […]


Identity Theft – Why Passwords Matter – Part 2

Last month, in Part 1 of Identity Theft and Why Passwords Matter, we took a harsh look at the importance of a strong password. We learned about the vulnerability associated with connected online accounts and a common practice known as “Daisy Chaining.” We also discussed the REAL story and identity risks behind all those fun, […]


Identity Theft – Why Passwords Matter – Part 1

As part of our ongoing series on Scams Targeting Seniors and eSecurity in general, it followed that we should take a good look at passwords – why they matter, how to build a better one, and ways to keep them organized. Along the way we’ll even peer into… the FUTURE of Passwords! Okay, well the […]

How to Protect Yourself – Identity Theft – Part 2

In How to Protect Yourself – Identity Theft – Part 1, we defined hacking, skimming and phishing and learned how they are used to gather personal information. We also provided a list of personal information you need to protect and not give out just because someone asks. If they call or email you and ask […]