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What is Elder Law – Definition

Elder law is a term used to reference legal matters of concern to an older demographic and their families. The elders of our community have specific needs. Some are to be expected and common among seniors, while other issues are unique to the individual. It helps to work with a legal specialist, trained and expertly […]


Must Have Estate Planning Docs

First, if you have all your estate planning docs in order, Congratulations! Really quick though, please take a second and ask yourself, “Has anything changed since I had them drafted?” If not, you are likely good to go. Although before you click away, you may also want to ask yourself, “Would this info be helpful […]

What is a Durable Power of Attorney for Finance?

What Assets Should Be in the Name of the Trust?

Clients often have questions about whether their assets should be in their personal name or in the name of the trust. In addition, there is often confusion regarding the difference between a Successor Trustee and the person to whom you have assigned Durable Power of Attorney for Finances. With any luck this article will clear […]