Gratitude is Key for This Estate Planner

key_to_diy_estate_planning_trust_willAs we head into another beautiful Fall here in the Bay Area, it is a good time for all of us to stop and realize all of the things we have and to be grateful for each one of them. I took a moment today and made a list of some of the first things to come to mind.

It reminded me that in the coming months we will have so many opportunities to gather with friends and family. Remember to appreciate what is there!


There is Much for Which I am Grateful

I am grateful for my family. -My parents who taught me to be self-sufficient so that I would not have to rely on anyone’s support, and my children who are so interesting to talk with when not tuned into their iGadgets.

I am grateful that I grew up in a family that valued education.  My parents encouraged all of us to get college degrees.  Children who do not have parents like that often do not even think that college is within their abilities.  They set their sights toward what they have experienced and fail to reach higher.  Seeing something as a possibility is the first step in achieving it!

I am grateful for friends who celebrate the good times and life events.  Each person who comes into my life whether for a short or long time has something to share that makes me a better person, or allows me the chance to give back.

I am so lucky that I found my dream job! Each client brings a new puzzle to unravel and I love helping them find solutions.  Some are reluctant to share painful experiences or facts that I need to know in order to help them prepare a proper estate plan.  I have learned to really listen between the lines. Asking the right questions and actually hearing the client’s response is a talent honed by years of experience!

I am grateful for the struggles that make me stronger and the love that makes life worth living.  All is good even if we cannot see it in the moment.  A smile to a stranger may be just the thing he or she needs, so please be generous with them!

What are YOU grateful for this season?


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Photo Credit: Diane Brown’s photo by Lisa Whalen and a special thank you to MMarchin for the use of their photo in this post.

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